A Dozen & One Reasons To Love Your Church Website

Friends of Ministry builds in all of the features and benefits found in the most effective church websites, and we do more. Here are 13 reasons our clients love the websites we have built for them.

Scaled to Each Church’s Budget

Our web development and hosting packages are priced so that even small churches can show up beautifully on the web. Whether you have 50 people or 5,000 on Sunday morning, we can deliver a website that will help you transform lives and change the world.

Online Giving Made Easy

Accept one-time and recurring donations, collect registration fees for classes, sell tickets to concerts, and more. We make it easy for anyone to give with any major credit card, PayPal, or another solution you already have in place.

Free Hosting for the First Year

Enjoy absolutely free website hosting for the first year and very reasonable rates after that.

Our fees for fully managed WordPress hosting include ongoing updates of WordPress and all software add-ons installed on your website. The ongoing costs of licenses for premium plug-ins, the ones that provide all the great bells and whistles, also are included. (If your church purchased just the premium plug-ins separately for your website, the cost would be $500 per year.)

Our current rates are: $350 per year per website. If your website also includes an interactive calendar, add $25 per year. If your website also includes podcasting of audio files, add an additional $25 per year for audio file hosting.

So Easy to Update

Our Content Management System (WordPress) was built for real people, not for coders. As a result, anyone with good basic skills and a willingness to learn a few things can successfully maintain your website, making changes to and adding pages, blog posts, calendar listings, slides shows, and more.

And we can train and support your team so they can update your site any time, from anywhere.

wordpress_logoBuilt With the Best: WordPress

Your new website will have the most solid foundation there is: WordPress, the most popular website development tool in the world.

Nearly 75 million companies (CNN, The Wall Street Journal, UPS) and individuals use WordPress, and thousands of technical people and web designers are involved in supporting and improving it.

Learn more at www.wordpress.org.

One-on-One Support

Whether you need expert advice or emergency help, during the development process or any time after your website’s launch, all you have to do is pick up the phone or send a quick email. We’re here to answer questions, offer advice, and even to fix what you may have accidentally broken.

That WOW Factor

Just as you always put your best foot forward on Sunday morning, you also want to make a terrific first impression on the web. In fact, you want your visitors to go, “WOW!”

We specialize in “WOW!” Gorgeous on desktop, tablet and mobile, our designs sparkle with everything that’s best about your ministry!

Use these links to see just a few of our designs:

Bells & Whistles? You bet!

Even our most basic designs include premium features, such as a beautiful interactive website calendar, downloadable podcasts, unlimited videos, social sharing buttons, full integration with your email provider, a premium security plug-in, and much more.

Safe for Your Visitors

Friends of Ministry provides encryption and a security certificate for each website. Encryption helps protect not just your website, but everyone who visits it, too. Learn more

Good Under the Hood

Many gorgeous websites score poorly on Google and other search engine’s tests for website speed and structure. The websites we design are as pretty underneath as they are on top. We use Google tools and speed-enhancing gear to ensure that your visitors won’t be clicking away because your site loads too slowly. We know that seconds count, and we count them carefully before and after we launch your site to ensure that it meets the highest current standards for website construction.

No Limits!

We’ll never slow your website down if it’s getting too much traffic or charge you more for using too much bandwidth. And because our websites are designed to grow with you, you can add as many pages, photos, and videos as you want, with no impact on website hosting fees, ever.

Heavy Lifting? That’s OUR Job

We build church websites. You do ministry. That’s the Divine Plan.

When you signed up for seminary or volunteered for the church board or took a job in the church office, learning how to become an expert webmaster wasn’t on your top-10 list of things you want to do.

We know that. That’s why we take on that responsibility, delivering a fully developed custom church website, so you can focus on what you want to do, what God gave you to do, what YOU do best.

To learn more about the “heavy lifting” involved in church website development, explore these pages:

Multi-layered Website Security

We protect your website with robust, multi-layered security, which includes our hosting company’s 24/7 monitoring by (yes, real) human beings as well as security software, to protect your website.

Our security measures include:

  • Security software installed, maintained and monitored 24/7 by our website hosting support team.
  • Installation of all websites on a dedicated server.
  • Wordfence Security, which we use to monitor all activity, block unauthorized access, and scans for viruses.
  • Backups — off-site nightly by our hosting company and to Friends of Ministry’s separate Google Drive or UpdraftPlus account. These backups make it possible to restore your website if it’s ever compromised.

Learn more

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