Add Google Analytics

Yes, you can understand how people are using your website!

Let us add Google Analytics to your site

Ever wonder how many people are going to your website, what they read, how long they stay? Want to know whether your visitors are mostly new people or returning readers? Wonder how old they are and whether they’re male or female? Want to know if podcasting is really worth it, all things considered?

Google Analytics delivers answers to these questions and many more. Now, if we host your site and you do not have Google Analytics running, we can set that up for you. Invest just $49 (once), and you’ll have 24/7 access to real-time, up-to-date reports on your website’s traffic.

Now, the truth is that Google Analytics is extremely powerful, and therefore complex. If you don’t want to take time to learn it, you still can get the benefit by ordering a series of monthly reports, which we can provide after your Analytics account is set up. For $79 per year, we’ll generate and send you 12 monthly reports you can use to make better-informed decisions about your website and your outreach. (Total cost = $49 for first-time set-up + $79 for a year of reports = $128).

Order Google Analytics (set-up only) now ($49) and give me access; I’ll get my own reports:

Order Google Analytics + monthly reports for one year (12 reports) ($148):

Renew my annual subscription to monthly Google Analytics reports ($99) (for accounts already set up):


Please note: Your payment will be processed through Eden Isle Publishing Company.

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