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What will it cost if Friends of Ministry develops a new church website for us?

The base rate for development and launch of a custom 20-page website is $1,995.


Save more than $1,000 by taking advantage of our current half-price special. Simply place your order and pay for website development by December 31, 2017 to get the special sale price of $997.50.

In addition, we have a Small Church Special running through December 31, 2017. If your average Sunday attendance 50 or less, your church can save an additional 10 percent on a new website. Instead of $1,995, invest just $798 in a beautiful, fully developed custom website.

During this sale, we’re also offering free managed website hosting for the first year — for an additional savings of $325-$375.

These prices are for a fully developed 20-page church website (see below).

However, your church may need or want more pages and features than those included in the basic rate for a 20-page website. To request an estimate for a website that meets your ministry’s specific needs and wants, please submit a preliminary Website Development Plan. Start here.

What’s usually included in websites designed for churches?

  • A custom-designed website that reflects the unique spirit and character of your ministry OR a website designed to meet brand specifications.
  • A website based on “responsive” design technology, so your site will display beautifully across all platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Android phones and tablets, tabletop computers, PC desktops and Macs. We call this a “smart” website, because it knows what kind of device your web visitor is using and adjusts accordingly. Learn more about mobile-friendly website design.
  • A secure, encrypted connection, so your website’s visitors won’t have to worry that visiting your website exposes their online activity and personal information. Learn more about website encryption.
  • A website that meets all of the requirements explained in 12 Characteristics of Effective Church Websites.
  • Professional copy editing of content you provide.
  • All art and photo purchases integral to the design.
  • The following web pages:
    • Home page with text and images provided by the ministry (and/or stock images if needed). This page also includes a home-page video/slide show designed by Friends of Ministry.
    • Contact Us page with address, phone, and form for contact by email.
    • Confirmation page acknowledging request for information through the Contact Us page.
    • Directions page (with Google map showing your location).
    • About Us page with up to 400 words of text and up to three images.
    • Interactive Website Calendar featuring all of your one-time and recurring events, such as Sunday services, workshops, group meetings, etc., listed with details and appropriate links for more information/registration.
    • Donations page (with link to online donations made by credit card or PayPal). Note: The church must have or set up a free PayPal account or other online giving solution.
    • Thank-you page acknowledging receipt of donation.
    • About Prayer page, with information about the role of prayer in your church and in 21st-Century life; information about how to get prayer support; and a link to submit prayer requests to your ministry.
    • Prayer Request Form
    • Confirmation page acknowledging receipt of prayer requests.
    • I’m New Here. This is the second most-visited page (after the home page) on church websites. This page delivers answers to seekers’ most common questions, such as: How do people dress on Sundays? How long is your service? Do you have child care?
    • Minister’s or spiritual leader’s bio page with photo. Visitors to your website and newcomers to your church want to know who’s in charge. This page answers that question and gives potential visitors and members one more important way to connect to your ministry.
    • Sacred Occasions page with info about services such as weddings, christenings, memorial services and home blessings. This page will be customized for you. Here is an example of this page.
    • Youth Ministry page. Even if your Sunday School program is limited, it’s important to include information about child care and Unity’s approach to educating children. All parents considering a visit to your church will be looking for this information. Here is an example of this page, which we can customize for your ministry.
    • Podcasts page. Share downloadable audio files of your Sunday talks on this page. (Get free hosting from SoundCloud for up to 3 hours of audio, or purchase unlimited hosting space from SoundCloud for only $135 per year.)
    • Blog. If your minister shares thoughts in a weekly email or monthly newsletter, you may already have material for a blog. Publishing a blog on your website gives your web visitors one more very important way to connect with your church. Regular posts also help your website’s search engine rankings.
    • Three additional pages of your choosing. These pages may explain your denomination’s teachings; introduce your board and staff; or highlight special programs, such as outreach.

If you need additional web pages, we’ll be happy to develop them for you. So that we can create a reliable estimate for you, please complete and submit a preliminary Website Development Plan. (There’s no cost or obligation involved.)

What else is included in the base price?

  • Your choice of opening slide shows for your home page (2 available)
  • YouTube and/or Vimeo videos of your choosing.
  • Integration with your social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Meetup, etc.).
  • Unlimited hosting space, so your website can grow with your ministry.
  • Secure hosting on a dedicated server. Learn more
  • Email sign-up form integrated with your email provider (Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc.)
  • Excellent technical support.
  • License fees for premium plug-ins, such as Wordfence (for website security), The Events Calendar Pro (used to set up and display your church’s activity calendar), Gravity Forms (for contact forms and prayer request forms), etc.
  • Search engine submissions.
  • Integration with any online fundraising solution (e.g., GoodSearch, MyEstateManager,

What is specifically NOT included?

  • Domain recovery — If your church has lost control of its domain name and you want us to try to recover it for you, we will be happy to help. This service is billed at $25 per hour. Every situation is different, so it’s impossible to know in advance how much time this process will take, and we cannot guarantee that our best efforts will result in domain recovery. For example, a former volunteer who registered your domain may be unwilling to cooperate by transferring ownership to the church.
  • Custom slide show development — We can set up one or more photo albums/slide shows featuring images of your property, people and events. Please request an estimate.
  • Email hosting — We provide email hosting for a small additional fee. Learn more
  • Email setup on church or staff members’ personal computers — If your ministry does not have tech support, we can assist you. However, this kind of assistance is not included in our basic website development and hosting package. If you will need help, please request a separate estimate for this kind of support.

What other costs are associated with websites?

A website development fee is a one-time cost, one of four costs typically associated with church websites. Other costs for websites include domain name registrations (usually about $40 per year for .com and .org versions of your domain name), website hosting fees ($325-$375 per year), and website maintenance. To learn more, read What a Website Costs.

Can we maintain our own website?

Yes. If you or a volunteer or staff member has the time, commitment and skill to do it, you can maintain your own website. Our training fee is usually $149 (for up to 3 people trained in an online session) and includes one month of unlimited follow-up support.

Will you maintain our website for us?

Yes. If you need someone to maintain your church’s website, we will be happy to do that for you. Our maintenance fees cover weekly updates of all existing web pages. Learn more.

Why should we retain Friends of Ministry?

Please read What Our Clients Say about us.

Is our website going to rank high on Google?

Websites we develop almost always rank 1, 2 or 3 on the first page of Google search results when anyone searches for a church by denomination + city. And our sites are developed with search-engine-friendly architecture to maximize your visibility on the web when anyone searches for church + city. However, how well your website ranks depends on many things we cannot control, such as whether the word “church” appears in your name; how many churches are in your neighborhood or city; how much community outreach your church does, whether your members are active on social networks, whether you send weekly email newsletters, etc.

How long does it take to get a new website constructed?

That depends on all of us — how quickly you can send us the content for your website, and how many websites we have under construction when you contact us. In general, though, we can deliver in 4 to 6 weeks.

How do we get started?

Complete and submit a preliminary website development plan so we’ll be able to understand your ministry’s needs. We’ll review your information and get back to you with questions or a price ASAP.

What are the payment terms?

We require a 50 percent down payment, which is nonrefundable, and the balance due upon completion and acceptance of your church website.

If you’re wondering how your ministry is going to pay for the new website you need now, relax. We accept credit cards as well as checks, and we partner with PayPal to provide special interest-free financing through PayPal Credit.

We have other questions. How do we contact you?

Call 727-687-5272, or use the contact form on this website.

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