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Recommendations for Friends of Ministry —

Unity of Sarasota
“If I could give Cheryl 10 stars out of 5, I would. Working with Cheryl has been pure pleasure. She is very skilled, a wonderful wordsmith, fast, efficient, and kept me informed every step of the process. She involved us in the design, and wanted opinions and thoughts all along the way. She understands Unity and was able to make our website look so much fresher and vibrant than the previous one. If you’re looking for someone to build your website or someone to rebuild it, as in our case, I guarantee she will make you happy you chose her.” ~ Rose Fox Gillet, Unity of Sarasota

Unity of the Black Hills
“A little over a year ago, Unity of the Black Hills decided it was time to create a high-functioning web page. The one we had was not well maintained. It was outdated and frozen in time. We received bids from three sources. This is why we went with Friends of Ministry:

  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • Very attentive to our needs
  • They had an answer for every question we had
  • We received training on maintaining the page. We even had a bonus “booster” training when a new person was hired.
  • We did not have to create everything from scratch. There was a database already built up of material that would support our mission.

“After maintaining our own web page for almost a year, we decided to have Friends of Ministry assume that roll. Our web page is always up to date both in content and with the behind-the-scenes maintenance. I would highly recommend them to any ministry looking to amp up their online presence. They do a fabulous job!” ~ Rev. Christine McFarland, Unity of the Black Hills

Unity of Tallahassee
“It has been my joy and pleasure to work with Cheryl Harrison at Friends of Ministry. She does amazing work and had a beautiful website up and running for us in less than a week. If you’re looking for a true professional who is also patient, kind, responsive, and helpful, look no more. I highly recommend Cheryl to anyone looking to upgrade their existing web presence or to create a new site. We could not be happier with our website and can rest easier knowing that Cheryl is there for ongoing tech support as needed. ~ Rev. Bill Williams and Judy Howes, Unity of Tallahassee

Unity Way Church
“Hiring Friends of Ministry to create our website is one of the best things we’ve ever done for the church, and we get new people almost every Sunday who have found us that way.” ~ Rev. Pamela Reynolds, while minister at Unity Way Church, Vista, CA

Rev. Anna ShouseUnity of Austin
— I am totally delighted with Friends of Ministry. Cheryl is talented, spiritually grounded, highly skilled, communicative, efficient, transparent, and knows Unity! It is a pleasure working with her. Our new Unity of Austin website is beautiful and user friendly. It reflects who we are as a Unity ministry, allowing us to be unique and also recognizable as a part of the Unity movement. We have had increasing traffic on our site in the few months it has been up. Our site is a very effective outreach tool – providing both on-the-spot spiritual resources to boost anyone’s day and giving our own members up to date information. I highly recommend Cheryl Harrison and Friends of Ministry. Our whole church including our staff LOVES the website and the process we engaged in with Cheryl to build and use it. ~ Rev. Anna Shouse, Unity of Austin

Rev. Sondra von Gyllenband

Unity of Southeast Texas
It is an honor to write this recommendation for Cheryl Harrison and Friends of Ministry.

When I began ministry at Unity of Southeast Texas, our presence was almost non-existent. I saw a promotional piece from Cheryl and reached out to her for a bid. We chose to work with her for a couple years, and Cheryl did a great job creating and maintaining our website.

Eventually, however, our community non-profit association sold us on “going local.” Once the site was set up, supposedly we could manage it ourselves at less expense.

Frustration followed frustration, so when Unity Worldwide Ministries offered a web service under our new branding, we jumped at it. After some time we realized that this was not the solution for us, either.

I humbly picked up the phone and called Cheryl, asking if she would be willing to take us back. She most graciously looked into what we needed and put together a proposal. The Board and I agreed that we would make the change and go back to where we had begun with Friends of Ministry. Her prices were actually less then what we paid “Mr. Local.”

After a year, we remain pleased at the level at which our site is maintained, and we continue to receive compliments from the public on our “great website.” Cheryl is sharp, always looking for ways to present a clear, clean, ever-evolving website.

Thank you, Cheryl. ~ Rev. Sondra von Gyllenband, (Retired) Senior Minister, Unity of Southeast Texas

Rev. Coco Ramos with Rev. Alinda Ramos

Unity Center for Positive Living (Longwood FL)
“Thank you so much for designing our website. Not a single day goes by without me getting some positive comment about it. The website can be described as functional, easy to navigate and very intuitive. The training that you provided was enough to get us going and learning how to update. I would not hesitate in recommending your services to anyone. Your support and service after the sale is outstanding. Above all, your spirituality and consciousness, combined with excellent customer service skills, makes you the ideal website developer for any ministry.” ~ Rev. Coco Ramos, Unity Center for Positive Living

Maggie Oman ShannonUnity Spiritual Center of San Francisco
“I am very pleased to recommend the work of Cheryl Harrison and Friends of Ministry. Her business is aptly named, for she is indeed a friend of any ministry in need of an inviting, content-rich, mobile-device friendly, and well-designed website! Her personal knowledge of Unity led to the inclusion of some wonderful content that hadn’t appeared on our previous website; and every time I look at our new church home page I smile, as her design really captures the beautiful spirit of our spiritual community. Cheryl’s professionalism, speed and responsiveness make her a true joy to work with — such a joy, in fact, that I plan on hiring her to do my personal website. Based on my experience with her, you will be thrilled if you choose Friends of Ministry to design or re-design your website.” ~ Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon, Unity Spiritual Center of San Francisco

Rev. Pamela ReynoldsUnity Way Church (Vista CA)
“It is my pleasure to recommend Cheryl Harrison (Friends of Ministry) for website design. I had a lot of trepidation about creating a new site for our church and Cheryl made it so easy with her understanding of Unity and her abundant Unity resources. She listened to who we are and helped us create a site that clearly identifies us and what we teach. We have received many compliments on our new site. Her training and tech support have enabled our church administrative assistant to maintain it. Our church board especially appreciated that it was so affordable.” ~ Rev. Pam Reynolds, Unity Way Church, Vista, CA

Elsie Huebner, Spiritual Leader

Unity Community Church (Dunedin FL)
“We’re very excited about our new mobile-friendly website that Friends of Ministry created for us. It features everything we asked for, and more than we even thought of. Cheryl took charge of every little detail of the website, including securing a two-month refund from the previous provider. Besides all this, she created a newsletter template for us that matches the color and design of the new website. Friends of Ministry is the best of ‘one-stop-shopping’ for websites, especially for churches.” ~ Rev. Elsie Huebner, Unity Community Church, Dunedin, FL (2013)

“What I really want to say is: HIRE CHERYL IMMEDIATELY! SHE’S GREAT! YOU WON’T BE SORRY!” ~ Rev. Elsie Huebner, Unity Community Church, Dunedin, FL (2006)

Jeanne Joiner

Unity of Ocala (FL)
“I find you so easy to work with and your product quite wonderful – it is an easy choice for me. I love doing business locally with people who run their own small businesses, and that is you. I am your biggest fan. We are blessed and most grateful.” ~ Jeanne Joiner, Board of Trustees President, Unity of Ocala, FL

Christ Unity Church (Collinsville IL)
“It is our pleasure to let everyone know of our experience with Cheryl Harrison. Our previous website was very hard to work with, when it was working at all. Cheryl contacted us with the opportunity for this current website and we are delighted that she did. Cheryl has made the new website look so professional, and her patience while teaching the website program was very reassuring. We know that we can reach back to Cheryl for support and be met with kindness and thoughtful attention. Would we recommend contacting Cheryl for future customer websites? You bet we would! Thank you, Cheryl!”~ Rev. Karen Landwehr, Minister, and Virginia Cox, Christ Unity Church, Collinsville, IL

Rev. Janice Billera

Unity of Sussex County (Lafayette NJ)
“If you want an amazing website, leading edge technology, a unique and creative presence, the highest level of professionalism and mastery, and the chance to work with an angel… then look no further… Friends of Ministry is the only way to go!” ~ Rev. Janice Billera, Spiritual Leader, Unity of Sussex County, NJ

Unity of Port St. Lucie (FL)
“Honestly, it is so refreshing to work with someone whose expertise is as impeccable as their word and their accessability. I love our website and the service we’re receiving.” ~ Rev. Linda Machesic while at Unity of Port St. Lucie, FL

Rev. Pat BesseyUnity of Greater Portland (ME)
“I get the privilege to share about the amazing woman, Cheryl Harrison, Friends of Ministry founding director who just recently completed our new website. I love working with this woman. She is so willing to accommodate your wants and desires. Going into this I was hesitant because I am one who needs to see it before I know if I like it or not and she gently walked through the whole process with me and it was effortless. The community at Unity of Greater Portland is ecstatic with the results. Thank you, Cheryl, for all you do to support Unity ministries in having great websites. YOU ARE THE BEST!” ~ Rev. Pat Bessey, Minister, Unity of Greater Portland, ME

David GuminaUnity of Nashville (TN)
“Cheryl Harrison of Friends of Ministry is an outstanding person and resource for anyone who is looking for a comprehensive website solution for their business, church, or for personal use. Cheryl has helped us create an eye-catching, resourceful website that attracts new people to our spiritual community. Cheryl is committed to excellence and can help train you and your staff to manage your new website and it’s many features. We highly recommend Cheryl for all of your website needs.” ~ David Gumina, Events Manager, Unity of Nashville, TN

“We are so thrilled with Cheryl’s work in creating our new website. Many people have complimented us on the new site and how easy it is to surf. Our staff is maintaining the site and they love how easy it is to update and create new pages. I highly recommend Cheryl and her wonderful work.” ~ Rev. Karl Aull, while Team Minister, Unity of Nashville, TN

Rev. Janice CaryUnity of Fort Pierce (FL)
“I love our new website! The beauty, creativity and ease of navigating this website is amazing. When we showed our congregation, they loved everything about it. From the slide shows of our musicians to the prayer page, it captures and express the character and qualities of our spiritual community (How did you do that!) and invites others to join.” ~ Rev. Janice Cary, Unity of Fort Pierce, FL

Unity of Roanoke Valley (VA)
“The members of Unity of Roanoke Valley are raving about their new website! Not only is it beautiful — the ability to listen to Sunday services online and get details on upcoming events from the calendar make this a site they will visit regularly. As the new minister, I am excited to bring this new avenue for communication to the community in only a few short weeks. This is my second church website designed by Friends of Ministry and I am happy to recommend them to any church considering enhancing or creating a website.” ~ Rev. Linda Taylor, Unity of Roanoke Valley, VA

Unity North Tampa (FL)
“Cheryl Harrison of Friends of Ministry always goes above and beyond what is expected with commitment, excellence, professionalism and heart. Her work has blessed our ministry in a big way. The majority of newcomers come to us because of our website.” ~ Rev. Virginia Walsh, Unity North Tampa, FL

Rev. Alan RowbothamRev. Alan A. Rowbotham
“If you are looking for the best in website development services, I highly recommend (Friends of Ministry’s) Cheryl Harrison.” ~ Rev. Alan A. Rowbotham, Co-Founder, Unity of Roanoke Valley, Roanoke, VA; former President, Association of Unity Churches; Minister Emeritus, First Unity Church, St. Petersburg, FL

Rev. Jim Rosemergy

Unity of Fort Myers (FL)
“Thanks for who you are and the way you conduct your business. You are an example for us all.” ~ Rev. Jim Rosemergy, Minister Emeritus, Unity of Fort Myers; former executive vice president, Unity School of Christianity; founding minister of two Unity churches; former senior minister of the Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City, MO; and author of numerous books, including The Gathering, A Recent Revelation, Living the Mystical Life Today, The Watcher, The Transcendent Life, A Daily Guide to Spiritual Living, A Closer Walk With God, Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay, The Sacred Human, The Quest for Meaning, The Third Coming, The Prayer that God Prays, and Attaining the Unattainable: The Will of God.

Unity Chapel and Peace Garden (Hemet CA)
“I couldn’t be happier. You have done a terrific job for us.” ~ Rev. Donna Lind, while Minister, Unity Chapel and Peace Garden, Hemet, CA

Unity of Daytona Beach (FL)
“Great job! Our site is now one we can be proud of and gladly encourage people to check out… “It is a pleasure to work with you.” ~ Rev. Carmen Zappi, Minister, Unity of Daytona Beach, FL

John Welshons with Ram Dass

John Welshons, Open Heart Seminars (Little Falls NJ)
“You are clearly a genius, an artist, and a visionary!” ~ John Welshons, President, Open Heart Seminars, Little Falls, NJ, and author of Awakening from Grief, When Prayers Aren’t Answered, and One Soul, One Love, One Heart (2006)

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