Friends of Ministry unveils new mobile-friendly church website design

Friends of Ministry has introduced a new mobile-friendly design for church websites.

The newest design delivers a “Wow!” factor with a stunning opening slider, interactive images, videos, blog posts and an always-updating events list on the home page.

The design can be customized for churches using Unity Worldwide Ministries’ brand AND for churches with their own graphic identity.

USCR home

Unity branded ministries’ websites with the new design include:

Other Unity churches with websites using the new design include Unity of Austin.

Churches ordering the new design may choose one of two opening sliders, the large slide show that appears at the top of the home page. The “Experience Unity” slider features images and words that evoke Unity values. The “Prayer for Protection” slider includes the Prayer for Protection with appropriate images. Churches also can order custom sliders using their own images or stock photos.

Visit these websites to see examples of custom sliders:

WordPressLike Friends of Ministry’s earlier designs for Unity churches, this newest one was created with WordPress, the No. 1 Content Management System (CMS) in use today. (A Content Management System makes it possible for website owners who are not programmers to update their websites.) More than 76 million companies (CNN, The Wall Street Journal, UPS) and individuals use WordPress, and thousands of technical people and web designers are involved in supporting and improving it. Learn more at

The websites Friends of Ministry builds with WordPress are “smart,” meaning they display well on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and tabletop computers with very large screens. The technical term for these sites is “responsive.” Google recommends responsive design and rewards responsive websites with higher search engine rankings.

Existing clients can order an upgrade to the newest design here:

For new clients, Friends of Ministry offers significant savings with the January Website Development Special.

Via PayPal, Friends of Ministry offers six months of interest-free financing on all projects.

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