Get ’em to the church on time!

A few folks are likely to miss or arrive late for your Sunday service on March 8, when Daylight Savings Time begins at 2 a.m. That’s when we all “spring forward,” so we set our clocks ahead one hour at bedtime the night before.

You can help your people show up on time by reminding, reminding, reminding:

  • Announce the time change at Sunday services and any other services, classes or events you have between now and March 7
  • Include an announcement in Sunday bulletins (and slides, if you use them)
  • Include an announcement in all emails you send to your list of members and friends
  • Send a special, one-subject-only email on Saturday, March 7
  • Send a second special, one-subject-only email early on Sunday, March 8
  • Post reminders on your Facebook page and other social media pages

If it seems we’re suggesting overkill, just know that not everyone will be listening to every announcement; not everyone will receive and read all the way through every bulletin; not everyone has or wants a Facebook account; not everyone will receive and read every email you send. However, those who make it to church on time because of your efforts will be very grateful for the reminders.

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