Good Reasons to Choose Us

Here are some of the ways Friends of Ministry gives you more:

1. We provide the most cost-effective and complete website hosting package available to churches today, offering churches more for their money than any other provider. Smaller churches can save a little every year, while larger churches can save hundreds of dollars annually in hosting fees. Learn more about our hosting package. See how much you can save.

2. We have the longest track record (12 years as Friends of Ministry, while our founder has more than 25 years of experience) of serving Unity ministries with website development services. We have provided website services for more than 75 Unity churches, regional groups and alternative ministries.

3. Unlike many other providers, we give you options for website maintenance. We provide a service (professional website maintenance, through weekly updates) that many others do not. This is an important advantage for churches that do not have staff or volunteers qualified to maintain their websites.

4. When we develop and/or maintain your website, you get not only a website developer, but an experienced, highly qualified professional copywriter and editor, as well. When it’s completed, your website is letter-perfect, ensuring that your online outreach will appeal to the most discriminating seekers. You won’t have to worry about poor site organization, misspelled words, incomplete information, fuzzy photos or any of the other things that cause people to click away – faster than you can blink!

5. When we develop and maintain your website, you get a church marketing expert on your team, too. Friends of Ministry’s Founding Director Cheryl Harrison brings many years of award-winning work for national and regional publications to serve your ministry. She also brings many years of experience as a Unity church marketing director to her work for you. You can count on her guidance and expertise as you work with her to create a website that reflects the consciousness and character of your community.

6. Our websites are 95 percent customizable, so your website can reflect what you want it to reflect, with the images and color scheme you choose. If yours is a branded ministry, your website can be constructed (or redesigned) to meet a branding program’s requirements. If not, you have complete freedom to commission a website that perfectly reflects your mission, vision and unique character.

Church marketing experts agree that a church’s real point of power is in its uniqueness; we can build a site that reflects what’s truly unique and special about your ministry.

7. We also support our clients by providing a wide range of services and products that many other website developers do not offer: help with church email solutions and social network outreach; church marketing tips on Twitter; information shared through our Facebook page; website maintenance training; the Ministry Marketing Advisor newsletter; and on-demand assistance for a variety of needs, including tech support for office computers.

8. Churches and regional groups we serve love us back. Learn what our clients say.

Request an estimate for website development now using the Website Development Plan or contact us.

P.S. Did we mention we’re generous givers? Since our beginnings in 2004, we have donated hundreds of hours of service and thousands of dollars (real dollars and service worth real dollars, too) to the ministries we serve.

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