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What do Legos and the new WordPress editor have in common? A lot. Read on.

The process of building pages and posts with WordPress changed dramatically on December 6, 2018.

Until then, the WordPress editor had been one constant in a world of change… the editor was the old friend you knew and could count on whenever you needed to create a new web page or blog post, and it had not changed much in 14 years.

While that old friend is still available, WordPress 5.0, released last December 6, came with a new editor dubbed “Gutenberg.”

Now, there are many opinions about Gutenberg in the WordPress community. Some think that learning to use the new editor is no big deal. Others are very unhappy about the change. Sill others love it.

You’ll get a chance to decide for yourself as we gradually introduce Gutenberg to folks who maintain the websites we host. (We postponed our roll-out of the Gutenberg editor last year so our friends who maintain church websites would not have to learn and master a new website editor while also preparing for all of the special services and activities of the holiday season. But now, it’s time.) Over the next few weeks, we’ll be activating Gutenberg as the default editor on all the websites we host.

Don’t worry; we’ll let you know when your site’s editor will switch to Gutenberg. In the meantime, you’ll want to learn a little about Gutenberg before you have to create or edit pages and posts on your website. You can search the web for “Gutenberg tutorials,” or you can start below. We’ve found a few good resources to help you get started.


Note: Keep in mind that this series was released before Gutenberg. If you watch all of these videos, you’ll have a good foundation before you have to use the new editor.

Although the presenter addresses “bloggers,” the information and advice he offers apply not just to bloggers, but also to all who build and update WordPress websites.

The second in the series describes what we’ve already done for you. We have installed the Classic Editor so you can continue to use it while learning the basics of Gutenberg.

The third video presents an overview of Gutenberg’s “blocks.”

The following videos delve into the details of building pages and posts with blocks.

Compatibility Issues


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