How To Remove Outdated Widgets

Note: This is one in a series of “How To” posts for clients who maintain websites we have developed.

As you may know, Unity Online/ is going away in mid-April 2022. If this is news to you, you can find more information here.

To illustrate each Unity ministry’s connection to the worldwide Unity movement, we always have included and Daily Word widgets/links on all websites we have developed.

If we maintain your website with weekly updates, you don’t need to do anything; we will take care of removing the Unity Online/ widget for you a few days before Unity takes Unity Online away.

If your church handles its own content updates, here are step-by-step instructions for removing that widget yourself.

First, go to your website and notice where the Unity Online Radio widget appears. It’s usually in your website’s footer, which appears at the bottom of every page. Here is an annotated image of a typical website footer. In this case, the Unity Online widget appears in the First Footer Area. You will need this information to proceed.

Next, sign in to your WordPress Dashboard.

In the menu on the left, go to Appearance > Widgets. You will see a screen similar to the one shown below.

Find the correct widget area and click on the down arrow for that footer area. Using the down arrow reveals all of the widgets in that area, shown in the order they appear on your website. (In the example we’re working with today, the Unity Online widget is in the First Footer Area.)

Click on the widget Positive Music & Talk. (Your Unity Online widget may have a different title, which you can see by checking your live website.)

Click on Delete to remove the widget from your website.

Open your live site in a new window to confirm that the widget is gone.

And… you’re done!

And if you need more help, no worries. We are here for you. Contact us now.

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