Nameserver Updates

The company that provides hosting for our websites has announced a change that requires your prompt attention. Should you do nothing, your website will cease to function sometime in May 2022.

If we manage your domain for you (your domain is your website address, such as, we already have made the changes necessary at, the domain registrar we use.

However, many of our clients manage their own domains, which are registered in their own accounts at, directnic, Network Solutions, or another registrar. If you manage your own domain, you will need to change the nameservers for your primary domain by May 15, 2022.

If you do not feel comfortable making the changes yourself, we can do it for you, but only if you provide the login information for your domain registrar’s account.

Here is the information we received from our hosting company:

The support for your current nameservers will be gradually discontinued starting from next month. In order to avoid any downtime, please update your nameservers as soon as possible.

New nameservers you need to use: ( (

NOTE: Please use the IPs only if this is required by your registrar; in most cases, only the nameservers ( and are required.

Why is the update needed?

Last year we introduced a new central DNS service, which has a great impact on boosting our clients’ website loading speed. Since the activation of this service, the recommended name servers for all our customers are and

The name servers your domain name is currently using are based on the specific name of your host server, which is a legacy setup from the time before the central DNS. These legacy nameservers will be gradually discontinued and we recommend that you update your nameservers by May 15, 2022, as otherwise, you may start experiencing service interruptions when the old DNS stops working.

To help us prevent unnecessary downtown for your website, please complete and submit the form below. If you want us to update your nameservers and you do not provide login information in the form, please send it via email or through the secure contact form on this website. We can complete the work only with the correct login information.

Please note: To help cover the cost of these changes, which are necessary due to decisions beyond our control, we are asking for a $25 honorarium from ministries who ask us to do the work of changing the nameservers.



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