Options for Website Maintenance

If you want to maintain your own website, we’ll be happy to teach you to do that. We’ve successfully trained and supported hundreds of church staff members and volunteers.

But it’s also good to know: Friends of Ministry offers website maintenance services to churches and alternative ministries whose websites we have developed.


Church staff members often carry a heavy load, working many unpaid hours; adding website maintenance to a staff member’s duties sometimes results in poor website maintenance because staff simply doesn’t have time to take care of one more regular responsibility.

Volunteers who are eager to assist, at first, sometimes lose their enthusiasm once they realize how much work is required, ongoing, to maintain a website that is always current and engaging and employing the latest technology.

Efforts to create a web maintenance team sometimes result in conflicts over responsibilities and “the best way” to achieve an intended result. (We have heard these stories many times over from our clients.)

When we maintain your website, we promote it through our main website and through our newsletters and social media accounts for no additional charge; that’s one of many ways we say “thank you” for relying on us.

And we’re always here for you, to answer questions about domains, hosting, best practices, email issues, and more.

For all these reasons, contracting for website maintenance by Friends of Ministry is a smart move. For a relatively small fee, you can know your website is always up-to-date, always attractive, always engaging, and always a great “front door” to your ministry on the web.


Our fees are set at very affordable levels so that any ministry can have worry-free website maintenance. In general, websites of churches with full calendars are much more labor-intensive to maintain than websites of churches with just a handful of recurring weekly meetings — so larger, busy churches pay higher maintenance fees than small ones. Our minimum rate is $10/week ($130 per quarter). Fees are adjusted when necessary to help us cover the cost of providing this service.

Maintenance fees are billed quarterly in advance; are based on time, expertise and expenses related to weekly website updates; and are nonrefundable. We can provide an estimate for maintenance fees when we estimate the cost of website development.


All church websites are updated weekly as needed on Sunday or Monday with information received via email from the client by the preceding Friday. (Exception: When Monday falls on a holiday, updates will be completed by the next day, Tuesday.) The church is notified by email whenever an update has been completed.

Websites of alternative ministries are updated as needed or requested.


Churches and all other clients provide the content (images, text, video links, etc.) for their websites. Professional copywriting services are available upon request.

Our website maintenance service includes:

  • Weekly updates as needed to home page and all other existing pages on a website
  • Weekly updates as needed to web calendar
  • Conversion of Publisher files to web-friendly PDF
  • Purchase of stock art and photos as needed
  • Posting of videos on home page and calendar page when appropriate (to promote concerts or movie nights, for example).
  • Posting of newsletters in PDF format
  • Editing of all text, using The Associated Press Stylebook as a reference guide
  • Additions to online store (if applicable)
  • Alerts regarding scheduling conflicts, formatting problems or incorrect information in the church’s e-publications
  • Integration with social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn

The following services are provided for additional charges, estimated on a case-by-case basis. This is not a complete list; these are examples of the kinds of services billed separately:

  • Converting audio file on CD to mp3 format for the web.
  • Editing audio file on CD to extract appropriate content.
  • Training and support for staff/volunteers.
  • Custom email set-up/troubleshooting.
  • Help with recovering access to domains.
  • Development of additional web pages, as requested.
  • Revision of website header and/or basic website design elements, such as colors behind headlines and background colors, the opening slide show, and standing images on the home page (images used as links to other pages on your website).
  • Development of custom video for home page or other web page. 
  • Social media page/profile setup and/or maintenance. Please request an estimate.
  • Addition of new features, such as online event registration forms and online payment.

If you would like more information about our website maintenance services, please contact us.

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