Social Media Strategies That Work

social networkingOnce upon a time, when the world was younger and Facebook was a newfangled toy, a good minister decided it would be a good idea to have a large following on Facebook. Hour after hour, day after day, he searched Facebook for people he knew and people he wanted to know, inviting them to “like” his Facebook page.

He was very successful, building his Facebook “fan base” to more than 5,500 followers.

Fast-forward to 2019, and all that time seems lost and wasted.

While there was a time when all 5,500+ people might have seen whatever the good minister shared on his Facebook page, that time is long past. As the popularity of Facebook grew, Facebook began changing the rules about who sees what.

Today, when the good minister creates a post on his page with more than 5,500 followers, only 6 percent of those followers ever see it. Today, if the good minister wants to reach more than 330 people, he must buy Facebook ads.

If you already use Facebook, as thousands of churches do, then you’re likely reaching only a small percentage of the people connected to your Facebook page. You may have begun to wonder whether you should be spending so much time and energy on something that doesn’t seem to work, really. Honestly: Unless you’re buying Facebook ads, you probably are wasting time, just as that good minister did.

Because Facebook and other social networks can consume so much of your time, it’s helpful to know what works and to use that information to create a smart social media strategy. A good strategy will help ensure that your ministry benefits from your investment of time and energy and the ministry’s investment of dollars.

When we work with you, we look carefully at what you’ve been doing, present alternatives and a budget, and help you implement a strategy that gets real results for your ministry.

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