Survey 2020

The past six months have been the most challenging in the history of the modern church. As a pandemic forced spiritual communities worldwide to close their buildings, churches had to learn — quickly — how to provide Sunday services online, even as they lost their primary source of income, the Sunday offering.

Many communities continue to struggle as a digital-first ministry, as a church that is seriously underfunded, as a community that faces great uncertainty.

Still, some congregations are thriving, perhaps surprising themselves as they see increases in income and online audiences that far outnumber attendees at early 2020 services in their sanctuaries. But even those churches that are doing well face difficult decisions about whether, when and how to “get back to normal”; whether to invest in upgraded equipment for live-streaming (and, if so, how much to spend); and even whether to let go of their buildings.

As Friends of Ministry, we’re here to support you in ways that you need it most. Please complete this short survey to share your community’s recent experience, needs and plans; we’ll use the results to craft solutions for churches determined to grow through (not just go through) current difficulties and emerge stronger than ever in 2021.

Important note: Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). You must answer all questions marked with an asterisk in order to submit the survey.

  • Check all that apply
  • (Answer only if you offer in-person services now.)
  • Provide an average for the 4 Sundays in July. Answer only if you provide live-streamed or produced-in-advance videos on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.
  • Check all that apply
  • What resources have you used to create video of Sunday services? Answer only if you are using recorded or live-streamed video of Sunday services. Please check all that apply.
  • Place a check beside each option that interests you.
  • If you have an a/v or streaming wizard in your community who can help other churches, please provide his/her contact information here. (Please get that person's okay before providing contact info here.)
  • Some churches have come up with creative ways for congregants to connect. Examples: Music on the lawn (outdoor concert); Friday night dinner (drive through pickup or eat on the grounds); youth bike ride with adult supervision. What have you tried, and how well has it worked?
  • What other ways are you trying to help people stay connected to your community and to each other?
  • If you would like to receive a follow-up phone call, please let us know how to reach you.

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