Terrific Time-Saving Tools for Church Staff

Save time and money with these easy-to-use programs.

DASHLANE for Passwords

If you have trouble keeping track of passwords — and who doesn’t? — do yourself a BIG favor and get the free version of Dashlane. Dashlane will store your passwords and automatically sign you in every time you revisit any secure page on the web. Dashline also will tell you if your password is too weak and will generate and store a strong password for you.

Before we discovered Dashlane (which was recommended in a tech column in the Tampa Bay Times), we had to search an Excel file containing 783 passwords (yes, 783!) every time we needed to sign in to web mail, any website admin panel, our website hosting accounts, our clients’ Constant Contact accounts… the list of places we go that require passwords is really, really long (did we say 783 lines long?). So, just wild-guessing, we’d say Dashlane has been saving us 2 hours every week. That’s 104 hours a year — more than 13 weekdays to get other things done.

Dashlane calls itself “the word’s best password manager and secure digital wallet.” And yes, Dashlane is secure. Ready to learn more or sign up? Go here for more information.

HARVEST for Tracking Time

Do you ever wonder how much time you spend on any given task — especially one that’s not in your job description?

Would it be helpful to know that 30 percent of your office manager’s time is spent on something that a dedicated volunteer could handle with ease?

Or wouldn’t you like to know that Betty Smith spent 60 hours on your recent fundraiser, so you can ask another volunteer to do the heavy lifting on your next one?

Knowing where the time has gone can help you make the best possible decisions about where it will go today and beyond. With Harvest, a simple but powerful program, keeping track of time is easy. Harvest can help ministries retain human resources and use financial resources wisely.

If you’ve been tracking time manually, you’ll love the way Harvest frees you to spend your time on more meaningful work. And because Harvest lives on the web, not on your computer, you can access it from anywhere — even from your phone.

You can try Harvest free for 30 days. After that, the cost is just $12/month (more if you add additional people). Learn more.

BULK RESIZE to size images for your website

Images you want to use on your website often come in sizes much too large for web use. If you have two or more oversized images, you can use Bulk Resize Photos resize your images quickly and easily.

What size to choose for your downsized images? Most images published on web pages should be no larger than 300 x 200 pixels. If you want to use an image full-width, then the maximum size will depend on your website’s design. If your site’s theme is Mantra, try resizing images to a width of 680 pixels. If your site’s theme is Tempera, try resizing images to a width of 900 pixels.

LUNAPIC to rotate and edit images

Do you have a sideways or upside-down image that appears that way on Facebook or in email, even after you’ve fixed in PhotoShop or another image editor? Use LunaPic to fix it once and for all. You can rotate your image or use one of 100+ other tools at LunaPic.com to correct and enhance any image.


Did someone send you text in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS — text you’d like to copy and paste into an email or web page? Use ConvertCase.net to fix that right now!

Now, if you’re wondering why all caps is a bad idea, the Netiquette Wiki has your answer: “Do not use all caps on the internet because it is akin to shouting. All caps is considered shouting on the internet. Shouting is not polite. Therefore, it is bad netiquette to use all caps on the internet because shouting is not polite.”

All of the resources listed here are provided by third-party vendors, so Friends of Ministry cannot guarantee or support these products.


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