The Russians Are Coming!

The Russians are trying to hack your church website — and they’re not the only ones. Bad actors in China, the Netherlands, France, Germany, India, Sweden, Canada, Estonia and yes, the U.S. — are trying to log in, insert malicious code, steal your credentials and corrupt your online presence.

We know this because our primary security plugin blocks and keeps track of those attempts and sends us reports every week. Here’s an excerpt from one report we received one week in mid-February 2021, showing how many times our firewall blocked attempts to compromise websites on just one of our networks (we have several):

On another network we host, our firewall blocked 1,106 attempts from Russia, 188 from China, 179 from the Netherlands, 142 from the U.S., 137 from Germany… you get the idea. Multiply those numbers by seven, and you get an approximate number of attempts blocked every week on websites we protect with multiple layers of security.

There’s nothing especially attractive about our websites, where hackers are concerned. In The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Security, Jenni McKinnon reports that “hackers attack WordPress sites both big and small with over 90,978 attacks happening per minute.” 

Our multiple layers of security block the onslaught of attacks on your website, but all of our work can be undone if you’re not also taking care. To learn what you can do to protect your church’s website, read Who’s Responsible for Your Website’s Security? YOU (too)

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