What do church apps cost?

If you’re thinking your church needs an app, you’re probably wondering what a church app is going to cost. Here are published costs of some of the leading apps for churches, current as of early June 2018.

Before you buy, though, please read Do You Really Need a Church App? Maybe Not.

Aware3 — At this time, charges $0 for set-up and a minimum of $148 per month.

Churchbase — Minimum $399 set-up, then $99 per month, or pay for a year up front to waive the set-up fee.

Churchwise Solutions — Pay $45 per month when you pay for a year up front, or $55 month when you pay by the month.

Custom Church Apps — Free for 30 days, then a minimum of $29.95 per month.

Go Church App — Free for 30 days, then a set-up fee (not specified on the website), then a minimum of $79 per month.

PushPay — You’ll need to give them some information in an online form before they’ll give you a price.

ShareFaith — To gain access to ShareFaith’s app builder, you need to subscribe to ShareFaith’s full suite of products, at a cost of $80 per month. During ShareFaith’s sales, you can save a little. You also can save a little by paying for a year up front.

Subsplash — You’ll need to contact the company for prices, as they’re not published on its website.

Tithe.ly — Free to get started; $59 per month for a “giving platform + custom app.”

Please note: Friends of Ministry provides this list for informational purposes only; an app’s listing here does not constitute a recommendation by Friends of Ministry.

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