What Sets Us Apart

tulipsMost website development companies bring only technical expertise to the table.

However, creating great websites calls many other skills: writing, editing, graphic design, photo editing, programming, search engine optimizing, blogging, and audio and video editing, among others.

Not many website developers bring all of those necessary skills and a thorough understanding of the church to the work of creating websites for ministries.

Friends of Ministry does.

Friends of Ministry’s founding director, Cheryl Harrison, is an expert communicator, a former editor and reporter for local, regional and national publications who brings high-level writing, editing and design skills to every project.

As a lifetime churchgoer and a former full-time church marketing, events and volunteer director, she also brings a thorough knowledge of the 21st-Century church’s challenges and priorities.

Just as important: She embodies an understanding and the practice of a Spirit-centered life.

Others involved in the work of Friends of Ministry bring programming, writing and graphic design skills and experience in working for and volunteering in churches.

Together, we are firmly committed to empowering all ministries with the tools they need to shine their lights even more brightly in the world today. Whatever you need, our team can deliver in a way that no one else can!

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